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Best Ideas For Making Fast Additional Income

You can keep pushing on your daily job, but ultimately that might not be the right solution for that additional income you look for. Also pushing on the same thing, over and over, can actually lead you backwards. Consider doing something different from your regular career. Try dabbling in some form of entrepreneurship, who knows, one day this income may be enough to let you quit your 9 to 5 job.
Without further a due, here are 5 cool ideas for creating additional income:

 Image result for images for making fast additional income                                              Image result for images for making fast additional income

1. You could rent your car, bike, boat or outdoor equipment
If you have something you aren’t using that often, have you ever thought of renting it? You didn’t know you can rent your bike? You could make $250 a week by renting that bike you bought, or you could rent your second car and earn $2000 a month,
Splinster – rent your bike, snowboard or surfboard
Getaround  or Relayrides – rent your car
Boatbound – for your boat

Image result for splinster images

2. Rent additional space
People are always looking for that extra storage. Have you ever thought of renting out your spare bedroom or basement as a storage?
You could start off with Craigslist or if you are based in San Francisco try Roost (expending nationwide soon).

Image result for rent additional space images

3. Drive people around in your spare time
We are all aware of rise of Uber and similar apps. Nowadays you could easily partner up with one of these driving companies and earn from $200 to $500 per day driving people around. You could work either in your spare time or become a regular driver and earn more then $65 000 per year.
Popular apps include: Uber, Lyft, and

 Image result for uber taxi images

4. Voiceover
Even if you do not have any voice acting talent, there are chances that someone is looking exactly for your voice for their online or radio commercial. Some of the best websites for voice over work are Voicebunny and

 Image result for voice over images
5. Write web content
How many blogs and different websites have you visited lately looking for something or reading someone’s thoughts etc. A lot I presume. You don’t need advanced literary skills, your thoughts are valuable either way.
The need for content is bigger then ever. Best places to look for writing jobs are: Scripted, Elance and Odesk.

 Image result for writing web content images

Best Well Paying Home Based Jobs To Venture Into

Nowadays, there is not a mystery anymore the way some of us make money from home. Enjoying the softness of your couch, the warm closeness with your family or being able to work from an airport while waiting for your plane to depart are few of the advantages of working from home. More and more of us think that while working from home, all you can earn is a scanty sum to add to your mothly salary. Don’t get home-based jobs wrong – you can earn as much as you’d earn on a 9-5 day shift – and even more! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better insight over the problem.

  1. Translator (Average Salary = $132,000)
Image result for translator images
One of the easiest home-based jobs that pays really well, being a translator involves translating texts from one language to another. It is a pretty straightforward job with few possibilities to go wrong, yet fom time to time you might need to revise your work. Still, if you own enough talent, you will be able to translate the texts in a way that the words would give to the reader the feeling as in the original work.

  1. Voice Actor (Average Salary = $75,000)
Image result for voice actor images
For those of you seeking to have a career in acting but didn’t manage to do that at a time, you can easily take up the voice acting profession. Not only is it a fun work to do, but it also pays plenty! Different businesses might seek a special type of voice, reason why altering yours would be quite difficult. All you need to do is to look for the company that has the conditions able to be taken up by your possibilities. You can be a voice actor for either a game, a website, anything that comes across your mind.

  1. Statistical Analyst (Average Salary = $69,000)
Image result for statistical analyst images
Definitely a white-collar job, statistical analysis is often done by those who have graduated a formal college training. It deals with statistical graphics for research problems and you would need to have great organising skills, along with the ability to ensure validity of data at times. Regardless of the huge amount of responsibilities you might have, being a statistical analyst would be taken up after posessing a certification of specialisation in different fields, such as economics, health and more.

Amazing Jobs For Making Money Online

There are a lot of ways for making money online nowadays. But in the sea of endless opportunities, how to choose the right one? We have decided to create a list of 6 Real Jobs For Earning Online. These are 6 different things you could do that are real and down to the core.

 Image result for jobs for making money online images

1. E-Trader (webshop owner)
Something that is constantly growing since the beginning of the web are online sales. You could start your own web shop or use the potential of already existing platforms such as Ebay or Amazon in order to distribute your own products. So what is the secret of a successful online store? Be different then your competition, find your own niche and dedicate yourself to it. In order to be successful in this line of work you must master the skills of marketing as well.

Image result for e trader images

2. Social media consultant
More and more clients are reaching product information via social media, but most of the companies don’t have knowledge and resources to effectively  manage these areas. According to the research, the companies that are present at social media have 20% to 40% more clients then the companies that aren’t using social media. As a consultant for social media you could help companies to develop their own brand. That includes  creation and publishing of posts, increasing the number of followers, research about the brand on social media, consulting of clients and answering to user and client questions and inquiries.

 Image result for social media consultant images

3. Domain broker
Domain purchase can be interesting thing if you have gift for recognition of popular domain names. The story is simple, you buy domains that are worth around $10 and sell them later on for more.

 Image result for domain broker images

4. Professional blogger
Do you have an education or experience that makes you as a potential expert or authority in the certain field? By writing interesting articles and publishing it on your own blog, you could earn a lot of money or you can write for already established websites that are looking for writers in your niche.

 Image result for blogger images

5. Analyst / Researcher
There are virtually thousands of niches and areas for which you can become an analyst online. Companies of different kinds are looking for analysts every day. Some skills that are required include knowledge of Microsoft Excel and similar software, as well as good manipulation of data and information.

 Image result for analyst images

6. Virtual Assistant
You can work from home for one or more small companies that are looking to outsource their virtual assistant. Since there are more and more companies that want to outsource easier and smaller tasks online so they can lift the burden of their employees, this is the place where you come in.

 Image result for virtual assistant images