Best Alternatives Sites To Supplement Blogging And Make Money Uploading Files

 With the current internet marketing niches crowded, a friend of mine was complaining the he has no idea of what to venture into or what niche to try. I had to spend a whole day explaining to him that there are so many ways to make money online apart from blogging and most importantly can also be combined with blogging to supplement your blog income!! I started this blog because I was also facing the same problem two years ago. Today I have an amazing compile of some of the best sites to make money with just by uploading files that you want people to download, you get to make some money per download which is called PAY PER DOWNLOAD (P.P.D) and it works well no matter what kind or size of files you have.

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Making money through downloads is one way  you can make some cool income.

If you have some files that you want to share with others and you know that a lot of people would download them, then you can make a lot of money just uploading them!!

SO How Does It Work?

You start by creating an account on one of these websites, Upload your files and get the link the site provide you, now all you need to do is to promote that link on some very popular places on Internet like facebook, twitter, techcrunch, digital point and so on. Because the people will look for what they need at a certain time, your work is to provide them with the link through sharing, and when certain amount of people download your file, maybe it’s an e-Book or your MP3 song or some Movie you made, you will earn money from the site where you uploaded the file.

Anything can be used if you are clever enough, think about what people download the most and provide them with just that.

The money that you are going to make depends on the size of the file. The bigger the file, the more you will earn online, many of these sites also pay you more if you are from more developed countries through  country rankings and how much they pay to certain country, so be sure to check that while on the site.

Making money by uploading files is pretty easy, but finding good sites to use is not.

Websites to Make Money by Uploading Files:

1# – UploadPay is the worlds leading PPD website. It allows you to cash in on up to a massive $5.00 per download! Among its many advanced features you can actually choose your commission on file downloads! UploadPay have made it easy for new and seasoned affiliates to earn substantial sums of cash integrating another revolutionary feature which allows your referrals to send a text message to pay you! With a minimum cash-out of $10 and payment via Paypal or Payza, UploadPay puts you in control of your earnings!

 2# – Get around $1 to $20 for every download. They support PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Payquicker, Wire Transfers, and Checks. Even better, they send payments out on the 3rd for all affiliates, and also on the 16th for their Premier Members. This one is my favourite!!

3# rapidgator – earn up to $15 for 1000 downloads.

4# – Upload your files and earn money every time they are downloaded. It really does pay to share with FileBucks.

5# ziddu – You will get money when someone downloads your file. For each unique download, you will get $0.001. Redeemed cash will be transferred via PayPal or Moneybookers once it reaches $10.

6# filecopter – You are paid US $S20 for every 10,000 downloads! payout limit is extremely low – only $10 , get  payed with Paypal.

7# turbobit – Simply upload the files to and share your files with friends, family and even strangers! You can be compensated for every download of your files or every time a premium membership is sold to customers you bring in.

8# dollarupload – This website has more options than just uploading files and making money. It has the ability to create a gateway to protect your website. another one that I love so much!!

9# filemates – easy way to share your files and make money, payout request minimum $5.

 All these sites can earn you some decent income even when you are sleeping with little effort. Go ahead and try them today to monetize your free downloads for life but do not forget to upload what is relevant and in demand as per your niche!! Happy blogging



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